Executive Director / Founder

J.-F. Bouchard

Studied computer science, networking and Information security as well as behavioral psychology. JF is also a Dr Ekman' METT (Micro-Expressions) trained Expert.

Bouchard has lived the James Bond lifestyle through his work as an International Information Security Consultant for Military and NGO organizations, working in some of the world's most dangerous places, hurl himself out of aircraft and escape life-and-death situations in hostile territories. Bouchard's experiences aren't just engrossing talking points; each empowered him to radiate confidence and use courage as the fuel to smashing through any goal. 

As an International Information Security Consultant, Bouchard has found himself doing everything from flying helicopters and performing car stunts to mastering body language everywhere from boardrooms to war zones.

Sylvain ROBERT

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Vincent HARDY

Vincent Hardy was thrown into an orphanage (yep, one of those!) at a young age and had to teach himself some espionage techniques all of his own.

He developed a knack for passing unseen, gathering intel, making quick escapes and invented his own variant of the “honey pot” : the “vitriol pot”. This last got you beaten up by the damned brothers, but at least it was highly effective against grooming.

After a stint in the army reserves, he spent what others would call a lifetime working in a whole slew of different trades, just out of sheer boredom.

Stability, permanence are for the dead.

At the age of forty he enrolled in a university, studied history (and learned to write at the same time) and became a field archaeologist, also commonly called a shovel bum.

Nowadays, he writes seriously about espionage with a constant eye on factual and historical accuracy, and also dabbles in fiction in the horror / fantastic genre. His writings were published in both professional and semi-professional publications.

He also works part-time in security.