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Just imagine if Stephen King really had slung a sandalwood handled gun in his Dark Tower's Mid-World! Imagine if J.K. Rowling really had been an authentic Hogwarts alumnus?

Here's good news for those of us who like their fiction raw and realistic : we just might have a female Ian Fleming on our hands.

They came up negative. Iraq was NOT stockpiling uranium.

Given the fact that Iraq's fictive procurement of uranium and fabrication and stockpiling of WMDs was Washington's pretext for invading Iraq, the President's Men didn't like that. All of them hated it, in fact. They burned both she and her husband. Complicated story.

My point is, now that she's out of a job at the CIA she decided to write.

According to The Daily Caller, she told The New York Times about how female spies were misrepresented : “They always tend to be cardboard characters, with heavy reliance on physicality. Of course the job has a lot of glamor (sic). But it really is about being smarter than your average bear. Your mind is your best weapon. It’s great when you’re a good shot with an AK-47, but it’s about being clever.”

Clever. Plame has earned two master's degrees, one from the London School of Economics and Political Science and one from the College of Europe (Collège d'Europe), in Bruges, Belgium. In addition to English, she speaks French, German, and Greek.

So what's the good news? The good news is that Valerie Plame Wilson is a real honest-to-goodness spook-with-a-conscience that's soon going to be writing Spy Fiction novels.

I can't wait to read them!