Tying it all together

It’s been years now that I’ve been doing my own little Super Spy project. Training and improving myself to become the real life James Bond I always wanted to become.

Not only I improved my health condition and learned a lot cool skills, but I also improved my life on all sorts of levels. I seen places many won't ever be going and most of all, met loads of interesting people.

If I could condense all of what I learned in one sentence it would be something in the lines of: "NOW! is time".

Now is time to tie it all together. All the lessons learned, all the invaluable experience is soon going to be available for you to download.

The Ebooks collection covers most of the James Bond's skills I learned and perfected through the years.

The first lot of Ebook introduce you to very mundane and easy to apply skills in your daily life and we building up from there.

There is no precise path to follow; you pick on the challenge that you feel ready to tackle and then it flows from there.

Only, sometimes its better to set a good foundation first.

The idea is to set a good baseline for everything else that comes after.  Say, you own a copy of the liespotting techniques and reading body language to come to a point were you're getting very good at it. You'll then have good foundation for the other domain of James Bond's lifestyle interest such as gambling and under pressure decision making. Invaluable skills at the Texas Hold'em table.

We'll work on trick to bolster your confidence levels using easy to follow exercises and  habit changing recommendations.

Nothing beats experience when it comes to life. That is why we developed simulations in which you can build the experience without the threat. When the time comes, you'll be ready. 

Tell me, how confident would you be if you knew how to spot lies, read people, fly planes, shoot on target, handle yourself in a fight, know how to make your own drinks to perfection and drive in the sunset with the best girl? I believe you are right, you couldn't be more confident then that.