Learning From The Best: What Annie Duke Brings To The Table

There is no short supply of poker champions, and this is mainly due to different strategies and guidebooks being available now, as opposed to decades earlier. While certainly not all poker players are champions, it is easier for champions to be made, since there are many guides and experts who can share their wealth of knowledge with these audiences. Although here are several kinds of resources available, few are as legitimate and skilled as the World Series Of Poker winner and Pro Poker player Annie Duke. This is because Duke brings more experience and knowledge to the table (pardon the pun) than most other champions, and she is kind enough to explain the tricks of her trade in several free videos and interviews. By taking Duke’s approach, you can find yourself a better poker player in no time, and in all its variants and types.

 Who Is Annie Duke?

 Since her start with Texas Hold'em when she was 22, Duke was hooked on the sport of poker, and through years of experience she would eventually build herself up to become the powerful poker figure she is known as today. Her numerous WSOP matches began the transformation, as Duke would earn her first WSOP bracelet in 2004. Since her experiences playing live poker, Duke was able to adapt and read to her opponents, thus allowing her to eventually win many tournaments, both live and online. Annie Duke has drawn upon these experiences to forge great poker tips to help you succeed, and cogent warnings against what not to do in poker.

Decision “Under The Gun”

Since placement and position in Texas Hold'em is immensely important, Annie Duke is well known for her tips regarding “under the gun” positions in poker. The term under the gun is defined by the player acting after the big blind player in the current hand. The player acting after the big blind, the first to bet essentially, is deemed “acting under the gun”. The big blind is the minimum bet in the match, and since the player is after the big blind, they must decide on what move they will showcase in the early round. Their move, though maybe subtle, might show the rest of the table their weaknesses right off the bat. Annie Duke recognizes this importance of position, so many of her tips are based off establishing yourself in a good position at the very beginning of the poker match, given that you are the one acting “under the gun”. Annie Duke doesn't only offer insight on this subject, though, as she has many other poker tips that are targeted to other positions in the table arrangement.

Annie Duke’s Poker Tips

According to Pokerplayer365.com, a website that specializes in organizing poker tips from experts of the sport, these are some of Annie Duke’s well known poker tips and strategy aids.

 1.    Position- Poker is not the only sport where position matters, as most other sports depend on position, but few know how important position actually is in Texas Hold'em. In poker, especially Texas Hold'em, it is usually a disadvantage to start off the betting round. Your position will ultimately decide how much you bet, as well as whether your cards are good enough to continuously contribute chips to the pot.

2.    Type Of Player- Annie Duke also gives tips on how to be a well rounded player, but adapting to and executing a wealth of strategies. Once your table positions you to a specific type of player, it makes it very easy to guess what your next moves might be, or even worse, what hand you are holding. By not staying locked in to a specific character type, you are keeping your opponents in the dark, so to speak.

3.    Play Different Poker Games- The best way to become more familiar with poker is by playing more than one variant of it. Try many types of poker games, as this will allow you to grow your knowledge on the rules and properties for each variant. An added bonus, by playing different poker games, you may find yourself liking some other types better than your current favorite!

Continuous, Simple, And Subtle Bets- This is a huge part of being a better poker player, as some would say betting is the most important aspect of Texas Hold'em and other poker games. By understanding how betting works in a good poker game, you will find it easier to keep a good stock of chips in poker contests and tournaments. First thing with betting: keep it subtle. Too often do poker players defeat their hands by cheap folds or erratic betting, both of which are products of failing to have subtle bets. You need to make sure any betting moves you make fit with the flow of the game, as high bets are a usual indicator of good hands, in which your opponents may fold instead of calling your dealt hole cards. Another feature of good bets are simple and continuous bets, both of which are as important as subtle bets. By continuously betting, you are showing aggression and dominance in the poker game, which may defeat your opponents confidence without the need of actually winning any hands. By playing simple bets, you are equalizing with the rest of the poker players. By playing at their level, you are able to keep the game at a good progression, as you can adapt to their betting routines.


Annie Duke's official website: http://www.annieduke.com