Escape to One of the World’s Best Beaches

Warm weather is here and, for many people, that means it is time to go on vacation and soak up the sun.  There are many places in the world where you can enjoy some sand, surf and admire women in bikinis, just as James Bond does when he isn't tracking down bad guys.  When Bond hits the beach, he goes to where the action is hot and the women are hotter.  Here are some of the best beaches in the world to visit if you want to live the Bond lifestyle.

South Beach Miami

South Beach, Miami, USA

South Beach, Miami, USA

This is one of the best places to go if you want to spend some time on the hot sands of Florida and enjoy the view around you.  Not only will you find hot hard bodies, but the art deco pastel colored hotels that Miami is known are just off the sand as well.  Enjoy a shaken martini or two while sitting beneath an umbrella or take a dip into the waters of the Atlantic to cool off from all the heat surrounding you.

A Great Place to Hang Ten

Bells Beach - Victoria, Australia

Bells Beach - Victoria, Australia

Bond may prefer snorkeling to surfing, but if you want to try your hand at catching waves, then Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia.  The beach is famous for its surf and hosts the Rip Curl Pro, a professional surfing competition that draws in surfers from all over the world.  It is also the world's longest running competition for the sport.  The beach is just south of the city of Melbourne and although surfing is the number one activity there, you can find a variety of other things to do or just relax in the sun.


Drive Down the Coast

Take a drive along the California coast along Pacific Highway One and you will discover some of the most breathtaking views in the world.  Go Bond style by renting a nice convertible so you get the entire experience and can hear the roar of waves crashing into the cliffs along the route.  Stop at Pfeiffer Beach at Big Sur to enjoy the scenery, but also to see the unusual looking purple sand along the beach.

A Tranquil Place for Relaxation

If you need to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life, take a trip to the Grand Cayman and enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean.  Spend your time snorkeling, looking for shells or taking in the view of beautiful people in their tiny swimsuits.  Try a cool cocktail as you enjoy the hot sun or retire to your room at one of the nearby hotels.  The Grand Cayman is also a good place to find a game of baccarat if you want to spend some time indoors.

Find a Hideaway

Voutoumi - Anti Paxos, Greece

Voutoumi - Anti Paxos, Greece

If you are trying to escape the clutches of everyday life, a trip to Greece may be in order.  James Bond loved exotic locales and nothing is more exotic than a secluded beach in Voutoumi, Anti Paxos.  This private oasis is surrounded only by high cliffs, beautiful blue waters and white sand.  To get to this hideaway, you have to take a boat from nearby Paxos Island.  Grab the one you love and head to Greece for some peace and quiet.

Beautiful Bodies A Plenty

One of the best places in the world to watch beautiful women, as well as men, is Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janiero.  You can flex your muscles at a waterfront gym while surveying the beach for hot ladies in their thongs bikinis.  If you need a cold beer or something to gnosh on while kicking back in a beach chair, the near by boardwalk has all the amenities you need to enjoy your beach time.  This beach is one of the best in the world for checking out the beautiful people of Brazil.

Take Time Off in Style

Club55 - St Tropez, France

Club55 - St Tropez, France

If you are not one for seclusion, head to the south of France, which is where you are sure to find one of Bond's favorite destinations, Pampelonne Beach in St. Tropez.  This is where the jet set of Europe can be found, sipping on champagne beneath umbrellas on the beach so they don't get roasted in the sun.  After enjoying some time being seen on the beach, head inside to dine on some of the best cuisine and wine for which France is famous.

Beach Paradise

No survey of the world's best beaches is complete without mentioning the Hawaiian Islands.  While there are many beautiful locales in the islands, Hapuna Beach in The Big Island, HI is not only a beautiful beach, but it has amazing views of the surrounding state park as well.  Comb the white sandy beach, try surfing the waves or snorkeling in the blue waters of one of the world's most famous travel destinations.


JF Bouchard

J.-F. Has been working around as a consultant for NATO for about 10 years from which he truly lived the James Bond lifestyle. Working around in war theaters along side the military and other Security experts and traveling to the most fabulous places in the world. J.-F. has trained in different Martial Arts, learned to fly Helicopters and basically learned the real tradecraft stuff on the ground. Added a few perks here and there, still living his life to the fullest.