Season 1

Time for some action!

Originally intended as promotional videos, the first 3 episodes were so successful that we upgraded the concept into a series that’ll explore more of the original 3 characters. 

Season 1 now has 11 additional episodes underway. 

The following Super Spy Me videos follow three recruits in short action packed sequences, dispensing some Super Spy wisdom along the way. 



The Cook


In this episode, agent Bylls explains how following a recipe can lead you to develop your own.


We usually look up to the Chefs on TV, and rightly so. Creating new dishes and recipes is hard.

Following a recipe, however, is much simpler. Someone already has assembled the procedure for you, balanced the ingredients and described the technics. 

All you need to do is to follow the instructions.

Once you have learned all the basics … once you have memorized the recipes and technics, nothing prevents you from adding your personal touch to a dish … That’s when we discover who you truly are.

Realistically, it’s all a mater of attitude … and know how


In Pursuit


In this episode, agent Bylls explains how, with self-confidence, you can project more than your skills. 


Many of us envy secret agents in spy movies and the actors playing them. In reality what makes them so exceptional is the confidence they project. As if all the feat they achieve is natural for them. It’s like they were born with all that talent.

You too with the right training can sport that same calm demeanour, that unshakable confidence.

At the end of the day, it’s about the right combinaison of attitude and self-confidence


Some Steam


In this episode, agent Bylls explains how being ready is about training. 


It’s important to be in good shape, be ready and think on your feet... 

As I was saying, one must be quick and act on the moment.

Awesome reflexes and great fitness is more accessible than it looks. 

You just have to trust yourself, trust your abilities and be confident you can make it.

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